“What is the Sound of One Hand Fu#king?”

Golden Fingers Productions -- A Division of ZAMO!


An Erotic Multi-Media Art Installation
Brooklyn, NY, June 27, 2010. In honor of LGBT Pride Day, Golden Fingers Productions announces the New York Citywide search for creative collaborators for a new women’s multi-media installation project, under the direction of artist Judith Z. Miller.

The project begins with a search for lesbian or bisexual female (trans or bio) creative collaborators: multi-media artists, artist-subjects and production personnel. Participants must be 18 years of age or older AND MAY REMAIN ANONYMOUS.

When asked to describe the future installation, Ms. Miller states, “I’ve been told that I am a ‘magician’ in the bedroom. When I make love to a woman with my hands, I imagine that I am sculpting her pleasure. I wonder what other lesbian/bisexual women imagine and experience. Are we naturally equipped with “wand-like” magic fingers – and what does having sex with our hands mean to us? The Hand Sex Project will be a fun, wild, erotic and safe place to explore the answer via multiple forms of artistic expression.”

“I envision a candlelit, darkened hallway where attendees remove their shoes change to slippers, or go barefoot. They speak in hushed voices, taking in the soothing lub-dub of an ancient drum. Parting the “hair” that leads to an oblong vaginal passageway, they enter sacred space. Walking or crawling through the spongy entrance, they are bathed in the glow of vaginal-colored walls, listening to the steady rhythm of the beat of a woman’s heart.”

“Walking on resilient flooring, viewers’ eyes are drawn to padded, rounded walls, where light-circles highlight 30 sets of hands – different sizes and skin colors – thrust out in various “fu#king” positions. Fingers: one, two, three or four, arch up, reaching for imagined sweet “G” spots. Fists full of power, jut out from the walls. Between the thrusting hands, are life-sized vulva casts. Donning headphones, attendees are privy to raw, passionate interviews – women of all ages and ethnicities telling their intimate stories about giving and receiving hand sex with other woman. Some writhe in ecstasy, recorded live as they are penetrated by lesbian hands.”

Miller continues, “An on-site recording studio will document attendees’ experiences, and noted sex educators will lead hand sex workshops. I want to include an olfactory component to the exhibition as well –  I’m open to suggestions on how to make that happen!”

Golden Fingers Productions seeks the following volunteer collaborators to bring the project to fruition:

Assistant Producer, Volunteer Coordinator; Audio Producer, Technicians, & Editors, Videographers; Video Producer, Camerawomen & Editors (access to equipment/studio helpful); Sculptural Artists skilled in creating body casts; Set Designers/Architects, Carpenters, Graphic Designers. Project Manager, Administrative Assistants. Web designers, Publicists, Writers, Street Flyer Distributors. Fundraising Coordinator, Grant Writers, Fiscal Planner/Budget Manager, Accountant. To apply, submit a paragraph stating area of interest and skill set along with resume. Interested curators, galleries, sponsors and funders are encouraged to contact the artist.

Subject-Artists willing to participate in audio or video interviews will work with other artists to mold and paint hand and vulva casts.  To apply, send a paragraph describing interest. To facilitate inclusion of a cross section of the lesbian/bisexual community, also include the following demographic information: full legal name, age (over 18 only), race/ethnic background, place of birth, gender identification (i.e. woman born woman, male to female transsexual, etc.), sexual orientation, (i.e. lesbian, bisexual). Subject-Artists must live in New York City. Participants will be selected according to creativity, diversity and availability.

Interested participants should contact Judith Z. Miller handsexproject@gmail.com

About the Artist

Judith Z. Miller is the founder of ZAMO! in New York City, a management and consulting agency serving a multi-cultural mix of world class performing artists, and the Chief Rhythm Officer of Microfundo, a fan-based microfinance company supporting musicians’ projects internationally. A former Theatre Program Fellow at the National of the Endowment of the Arts, and the co-founder, Executive Director, teacher and performer with The Fine Line Actors Theatre in Washington DC (formerly Earth Onion Women’s Theatre), she co-produced The Fine Line’s numerous workshop/residency programs.

In 2006 Miller’s wearable art and sculpture were exhibited in a two-month solo show at The National Museum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History. In 2007 her work was presented in a 3-month solo show “Sticks & Stones” at the Boathouse in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, sponsored by the Prospect Park Alliance and the Audubon Center. Miller has been profiled in The Daily News; the subject of feature articles in Mann About Town magazine, Home News Tribune, In Brooklyn, The Park Slope Paper and The Wave and featured on NY-1 Television. In 2008 she received Honorable Mention from the International Society of Acrylic Painters; and, she was awarded a Fractured Atlas Development Grant that supported a 3-week residency in 2009 with master Tlingit woodcarver Tommy Joseph at the Southeast Alaskan Indian Cultural Center, Sitka National Historical Park. She published in Inside Arts magazine, The Washington Post, and American Theatre magazine. Ms. Miller resides in Park Slope Brooklyn.

Note: I inserted the “#” sign in the “curse” word because that word was creating problems on line. You know what I mean!

Contact: Judith Z. Miller

Golden Fingers Projections – A division of ZAMO!

email: handsexproject@gmail.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/handsexproject

Facebook: Judith Z. Miller


About artistsoulspeaks

Judith Z. Miller, aka "Zelda," lives in an erotic, musical, spiritual universe; she writes as a way of coping with its beauty, sensuality, frustrations and ecstasies. In NYC, she has read at events sponsored by organizations such as Nehirim, Zeek Magazine, Essentuality, and at venues such as Blue Stockings, The Jewish Community Center, Wow Café Theatre - and late at night to her girlfriends in bed. She published in Inside Arts magazine, The Washington Post, and American Theatre magazine. Judith was trained as an actress in Washington DC, co-founded The Fine Line Actors Theatre, acted in numerous productions, created original performance material and was awarded an NEA Arts Management Fellowship in Theatre. Judith is a self-trained visual artist who is inspired by the beauty of nature and the guiding force of her intuition. She draws and creates primal sculpture and wearable art from trees, stones and found objects, which she fashions into ritual staffs, wearable amulets, and employs in healing rituals. She was profiled in The Daily News; the subject of feature articles in Mann About Town magazine, Home News Tribune, In Brooklyn, The Park Slope Paper, The Wave, and The Daily Sitka Sentinel, and featured on NY-1 Television. In 2008 her paper “Sometimes a Tree Isn’t Just a Tree,” was read at the First International LSP-and Translation Studies Oriented Textual Analysis conference at Chouaib Doukkali University, El Jadida, Morocco. Judith was the founder and director of ZAMO! representing a multi-cultural mix of world-class GRAMMY® nominated and JUNO ® award-winning performing artists for over 20 years. She taught self-promotion for performers, presented by organizations such as The Field, The Red Tent Women’s Project and the Brooklyn Arts Counsel. She was the Chief Rhythm officer of Microfundo, a crowdfunding platform supporting musicians worldwide. She was a 2011 British Airways Face-to-Face Opportunity contest winner traveling to Thailand where she met with indigenous woodcarvers and shaman. A healing ritual artist, she created Zelda's Body Breathing Healing System (TM), and offers private sessions and workshops. Judith (Zelda) resides in Port Henry New York.
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    Hott! Very *hott*

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