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Furious at my parents and filled with self-loathing due to internalized homophobia, I grabbed a huge black-handled dagger that my mother kept in the kitchen drawer, and headed back down to the basement. I kneeled on the floor weeping, with the sharp tip of the silver blade pointed into my belly. Continue reading

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Remembering The Sticky-Sweet Smell of Pine

Hearing the commotion, instead of putting herself at risk, she shoved a broom handle out of the window and yelled out: “I’ll blow the heads off every last one of you if you don’t get off my property – NOW!” Upon hearing the serious tone of her voice and seeing that “gun,” of course the drunkards high-tailed it out of there as fast as they could. That incident became legend around town – part of the town’s history – and it protected the rest of us on “That Lesbian Place” – for years and years to come. Continue reading

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