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Not Just a Walk in the Park

We head down the mountain as we came, following the well-marked trail, forgetting about the bald mountain and everything wrong with humanity and just appreciating the leaves and flowers and bird song. Also I’d better not let my mind drift off because I need to pay special attention to my footing to make sure I don’t slip on a leaf or trip on the true roots that crisscross the path. One false move and I’m on my ass – and, I remind myself as I twist my ankle slightly, I’m here alone without cell phone reception … I don’t even want to think about what that might do to my ability to descend safely. Continue reading

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Hurricane Season: The Hidden Messages in Water

“A powerful two-woman show about an unnatural disaster and a great shift in universal consciousness” Two brave, strong and beautiful sisters-in-struggle, lead us into the hell of global awareness, through the depths of despair, and into The Power of One. … Continue reading

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