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September 11th – Celebration of Life “Be-In”

On September 11th 2011 I produced the Celebration of Life “Be-In” as an alternative way for local artists and community to acknowledge, process and transcend, via ritual, the events of 911. While I am horrified by the tragedy and its aftermath which claimed many thousands of innocent lives and still impacts worldwide events – I think it is essential not only to mourn those who have been lost but to make a conscious choice to go on living, loving and celebrating life so we who envision a better world will have the strength and courage to actualize that vision. Imagine peace – work for justice! Continue reading

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Artist/Healer Judith Z. Miller on “LIVE IT UP” TV SHOW – And – Audience with a Holy Man in Thailand Leads to Transformation

I decided to go to Thailand, to traveled half-way around the world to find out if what I was experiencing as “healing powers” in my hands and when I used my handmade shakers, was in fact real – and if I should pursue healing work. I felt both trepidation and excitement about both the possible “yes” or “no” answer. Continue reading

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NYC Queer Cougars and Cubs Together Featured in Gay City News Pride Edition

In an effort to connect older and younger lesbians interested in that reputedly unheard of activity — actually dating women across generational lines! — Brooklyn ritual healing artist Judith Z. Miller has created New York Queer Cougars and Cubs Together (NYC QCCT). The social group holds events for younger women attracted to older women and vice versa. Continue reading

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As Lovely As Rain

Sweet sound

each gentle droplet
A snowflake’s dream
and destiny Continue reading

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“It’s never too late to become what you might have been.” – George Eliot

I want to ride horses, naked
muscled arms drawing back handmade bow
shooting arrows like an Amazon
jumping, flipping into the air
spinning off my proud prancing white stallion
Landing on my feet like a cat
ready, in graceful karate stance
Fighting the demons Continue reading

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Furious at my parents and filled with self-loathing due to internalized homophobia, I grabbed a huge black-handled dagger that my mother kept in the kitchen drawer, and headed back down to the basement. I kneeled on the floor weeping, with the sharp tip of the silver blade pointed into my belly. Continue reading

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Dolphin Dreams

The water is warm and clear, the day is sunny, and I am riding along blissfully, hugging the dolphins’ massive body. I feel the animals’ strength and agility through the water – and aware of it always being conscious of my safety and well-being. (As I write these words, I start to cry).
http://wp.me/pxqqd-ou Continue reading

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Remembering The Sticky-Sweet Smell of Pine

Hearing the commotion, instead of putting herself at risk, she shoved a broom handle out of the window and yelled out: “I’ll blow the heads off every last one of you if you don’t get off my property – NOW!” Upon hearing the serious tone of her voice and seeing that “gun,” of course the drunkards high-tailed it out of there as fast as they could. That incident became legend around town – part of the town’s history – and it protected the rest of us on “That Lesbian Place” – for years and years to come. Continue reading

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SEEKING NYC Creative Collaborators for “Celebration of Life!” September 11th, 2011 – “Be-In”

“SEEKING NYC Dancers, Choreographers, Percussionists, Body Painters, Photographers, Videographers, and advance & on-site Event Organizers for
CELEBRATION of LIFE!” – A “Be-In” & Video Documentary, September 11th, 2011. Continue reading

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Tree Sculptor Judith Z. Miller Presents: Unique Tree Branch Percussive Instrument-Making Workshop – July 23rd – Park Slope Brooklyn – CANCELLED DUE TO HEAT WAVE

CANCELLED DUE TO HEAT WAVE – WILL RESCHEDULE SOON. In a culture where we BUY everything, it’s a radical and fulfilling shift to create with our own hands. Come – join me in our lush and beautiful St. Mark/Warren Street Community garden to make your own musical percussive shaker out of a TREE BRANCH/found materials and objects that are precious to you.
Continue reading

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